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Ever since I was little I have loved letters. They were always my favorite form of communication. I vividly remember riding my bike to the back of my neighborhood to drop off a letter in my best friend’s mailbox in the fifth grade, working all day to make the perfect Mother’s Day card for my sweet mom that included lots of hearts and stick-figure pictures of the two of us, flushing a journal full of corny love letters addressed to my crush down the toilet (teen-angst to the max), and today, still smiling every time I find an envelope in my mailbox with my name written across it in ink.

Letters are a way to tell people how much we care. They are simple and delicate, yet can hold so much power. I started this website because I wanted to write letters to myself and share them with the people around me in an instant. These letters are for me, but they’re also for you. My vision for Letters from Far Away is that of a catapult that you and I sit within. I hope the words found in these letters bring us strength and boldness. I hope that together we learn to feel more and dream big together.

Words are important. They carry weight that when put on paper, can last forever. Words are one of the strongest forces in the world. They can tear apart relationships, they can bring together entire nations, they can cause us to feel hurt, afraid, and loved. How amazing would it be if we only spoke words of love? The world would radiate with warmth and peace.

So words are something I love deeply, but my other loves happen to be spontaneity, pictures of people laughing, eating cotton candy, and avoiding the mundane responsibilities of day-to-day life.  I live in my own daydreams and for now, that’s perfectly okay with me.

Here’s to you, here’s to me, here’s to us. Let’s inspire others, dream bigger, and love better.



A Letter from Far Away


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